Neil Magee

Lead Front-end Developer

About me

I care about code and crafting the best user experience. With over a decade of professional knowledge I have a keen ability to approach development projects with a clear vision and am able to deliver tailored solutions to clients, with the purpose and end user firmly in mind.

Historically focused on front-end development, I am proficient at building user interfaces and tools using modern JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue. I also specialise in making responsive websites/apps that help people achieve both aesthetic goals and meet business critical targets, including providing added value to customers and end users. I try and improve the use of CSS with BEM and utility first libraries such as Tailwind and make sure projects are accessible in multiple environments.

With considerable experience in design, I am able to articulate complex ideas visually and communicate them effectively, using modern tools to illustrate interactive ideas or using wireframe software to plan prototypes. I often start lo-fi, with coloured pens and a white board, moving to tech-based solutions as ideas develop.

Since moving into my current role as a lead front-end developer in 2016 I have had responsibility for mentoring and overseeing junior developers' work and training. Seeing their progress has been very satisfying and has in turn helped improve my own technical skills and abilities, as well as providing valuable management and team leadership experience.

I have begun to keep track of personal learning and experiments at